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13 September 2009 | Comments (0)

Mike's brand new photographic book 'Mike McCartney's North Highlands' is, at last, hot off the press. With images exposing the many secrets of the North Highlands of Scotland and forwards by Prince Charles, Billy Connolly, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, etc..this unusual book is available for YOU c/o:


Hurry, this unique, personal hardback book, with over 100 stunning, colour photographs, is only £15, and wait till you read the captions..AND the forwards! You can also find a direct link to purchase at the bottom of the LINKS section.


Group Hug has re-installed the FORUM. Unbelievably frustrating, the previous hosts had deleted the old forum without backing up the system, which means discussions and user details have been lost. We cannot apologise enough for this... thankfully we are no longer using such an unprofessional provider.

If you would like to post on the Forum, please re-sign up.


Mike McCartney's North Highlands... Prints for sale!

01 March 2009 | Comments (0)

Prints from Mike's North Highlands exhibition are now for sale at Art DeCaf!

Just copy and paste the link below into your browser address bar (or go to the LINKS section of this site), select Mike McCartney from the dropdown box on the bottom left and press submit:


Mike McCartney's North Highlands

25 January 2009 | Comments (0)

Jan. 27th this year sees the launch of 'Mike McCartney's North Highlands' exhibition at Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, followed by a book with forwards by Prince Charles, Billy Connolly, and Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. This exhibition and book then feature at the 'ArtDeCaf' Gallery, Brunswick Street, Glasgow from Feb. 9th (with prints for sale) and then tours Scotland and possibly America as part of The Year of Homecoming celebrations.

Mike and son Sonny fly to Dublin's Leinster Gallery in February to open the Irish exhibition and Genesis book by Lew Allen (and him!) entitled...' Elvis & the Birth of Rock' featuring the King, Buddy Holly,and Everly Brothers,etc...but more in 'LINKS' section.

'Little Richard's Back!' and 'Gene Vincent Live on the Cavern' LITHOGRAPH ANNOUNCEMENT !

23 June 2008 | Comments (0)

In recognition of Mike's MMLL exhibition at The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio, from June 26 through September 3, we are offering a special Rock n Roll price of....wait for it!.... $400 per signed, limited edition print!! UNBELIEVABLE?....but TRUE.

New Forum

20 May 2008 | Comments (0)

Hello there,

Just to let you know - due to the ludicrous torrent of SPAM filth taking over the forum, we have scrapped the old one and upgraded it to a shiny new more secure one.

Unfortunately, the destruction of the old one means you will have to re-sign up to post on the new forum.

Enjoy, post away n take care of this little un!

Group Hug

Apple In Yer Ear

08 February 2008 | Comments (0)

Sorry it's a bit late! (re: family CHRISTmas, New Year, birthday, Capital of Culture launch, Liverpool Number 1's concert with Scaffold at new Echo Arena, ...and now TWO books to deliver!!) but... 'HAPPY NEW 2008' - Liverpool's European Capital of Culture year.

If you've never been to Liverpool( shame on you!) or your thinking of a holiday here...don't THINK about it... 2008 is DEFINATELY the year to come.



p.s. I STILL loathe SPAMMERS.


23 July 2007 | Comments (0)

Dear ALL,

we've been hit by the dreaded SPAM fisted SPAMMERS! but Group Hug, Jana W, and lots of YOU are helping to kill them off....Tar Very Much. Till then.......'2 HELWISPA' ( To Hell With Spammers )and a return to the 'good old days'...when spam was on BUTTIES, and pencils adorned the backcloth of humanity.


Mike McSpamney

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