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Site's I like
Cities 500
My publisher's site
08 Place The official Liverpool 08 Place online store which currently sells my MMLL & Live 8 Coolpix books
Paul McCartney Our kid's official site
Group Hug™ My son Josh's design site
Art In Liverpool / Tenantspin Video of me doing the Tenantspin talk at the FACT Centre in Liverpool
Nikon I use Nikon cameras
HP I also use Hewlett Parkard's printers
Curwen Studio My two exclusive Lithograph's were printed by Curwen Studio using their
incredible technique
Genesis Publications Bespoke publishers of unique collector books. Look out for 'Elvis & the Birth of Rock' book which I was proudly involved in
Benna Madan Life Purpose Coach, Holistic Therapist & Local Lewes Superstar
Sonny McCartney My youngest son's photographic portfolio site
Abbi McCartney My daughter's super cool portfolio site
Mike McCartney's North Highlands Prints Art DeCaf are selling prints from the North Highlands touring exhibition here
Mike McCartney's North Highlands Book Buy MMNH online. Limited Edition price!
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